Party Logistic Suppliers

Salient Features of Party Logistic Suppliers

  • We source the raw material in your behalf as per your Technical Delivery Conditions & Stock the same with us
  • A dedicated place to store exclusively your Technical Delivery Conditions raw material can be earmarked in case of good volumes.
  • Materials procured by us for your Technical Delivery Conditions will not be sold to anyone else other than yourself & your approved vendors, except incase the materials are found defective & not suitable for use by you.
  • We cater to the raw material needs by supplying 100% of your requirement to you & your vendors.
  • By doing this the onus of quality lies with us & we shall be solely responsible for raw material quality at any given stage for supply of defective raw materials & shall be held responsible for the same to the amount of value of goods supplied only.
  • Cut to length raw material will be supplied on specific dates, as per schedule realised in advance by you or the vendors.
  • On receipt of materials the same will be checked for chemistry heat wise at your approved Lab. UT 100% for entire lot will & done and only accepted material will be colour coded length wise which shall be delivered. Advantage of colour coding the material length wise, the same can be easily identified in cut to length condition.
  • Track records such as incoming material ledger & its consumption will be maintained for every single piece.
  • One sliced piece of every heat received will be kept for cross verification at any point of time for a period of 3 years.


There are many advantages to the company adopting this facility. A few of them are mentioned here.

1. Cost Saving : Raw materials logistic supplies helps in saving cost in following manners.

  • Reduces cost of communication & follow up to steel plants for raw materials.
  • Reduces cost on traveling expenses on all follow ups as visits are done by us.
  • Cost of inspection, testing etc are reduced which is borne by us.
  • Raw material handling charges are reduced as we do all the handling.
  • We pool in the requirements of various customers & negotiates a better price with the mill, thus reducing the cost.
  • As all inventory is done by us, there is no direct or indirect inventory holding cost involved.
  • Bank OD's, facilities are not required to meet day to day activities thus resulting in reduced costs.
  • End piece wastage does not arise as materials are supplied in cut to length size thus resulting in reduced costs.
  • All guarantee's are vested on Steel Centre thus risk of mix up, failure etc does not arise & therefore resulting is reduced cost indirectly as source of supply is One.
  • Reduces paper work at your organization as we supply raw materials direct to your vendors resulting in lower staff strength & stationery cost.

2. Just-In-Time Delivery : We term on time as "Just-In-Time" delivery as this has its own advantages. We can introduce Con-Bon systems to avoid time & labour wastage. After all "a minute saved is a minute gained & a penny saved is a penny earned".

3. Quality : As there is only one source of supply, one can have peace of mind as quality issues are the concern of Raw Material Logistic Supplier with many suppliers, traceability & recording becomes an issue, but with 1 supplier the RMLS can be held responsible for any quality issue due to raw material defect.

With the above it is observed that the 3 pillar of success to any industry is met under this practice i.e. QCD (QUALITY, COST & DELIVERY)