Salient Features of Raw Material Logistics Supplier (RMLS)

  • Sourcing Raw Material as per customer TDC.
  • Exclusive place to store such materials to avoid mix up.
  • These materials sold to such customers & their vendors only.
  • 100% Requirements catered.
  • Quality of Raw Material falls under our scope of supply.
  • Konbon system of supply.
  • All materials are crossed checked at Customer approved Laboratory as per customer TDC.
  • Approved materials are color coded through the material length as identification without destroying manufacturers identification marks.
  • Track records are maintained for traceability for a period of one year for every lot received and supplied with Heat no, quantity in pieces and weight, date of receipt or supply, etc.
  • A sample of such heat is kept as record for a period of one year for future analysis if any.
  • Every piece is subjected to UT Test.

Advantages of Raw Material Logistics Supplier (RMLS)

1. Cost and Time Saving : Raw materials logistic supplies helps in saving cost in following manners.

  • Follow ups including visits to plants.
  • Raw material testing charges.
  • Raw material handling charges.
  • Raw material logistic charges.
  • Raw material cost at competitive price as being an agent or authorized source or bulk purchaser may get better price from supplier.
  • No inventory holding charges.
  • Bank financial charges as we procure the materials.
  • Cut to length materials supplied which results in NO end piece wastage charges.
  • As cross examination is done on Raw Material process failure is reduced drastically.
  • Lower staff strength at your organization as most of the process is carried out by us resulting in lower salaries.

2. Just-In-Time Delivery : We term “on time” as “Just-In-Time” delivery as this has its own advantages. We can introduce Con-Bon systems to avoid time & labour wastage. After all “a minute saved is a minute gained & a penny saved is a penny earned”